by Dr. Merkaba

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A collection of songs written, produced and arranged by Dr. Merkaba AKA Lyphe Cycle (track 5 features lyrics from Mr. Ceezzo)


released January 19, 2012



all rights reserved


Dr. Merkaba San Diego, California

Dr. Merkaba (born Tyler Loring) is a lyricist, musician & songwriter. In addition to multiple solo releases under the moniker Dr. Merkaba, he is a member of the hip hop duo Edword Sizzamouf, conceptualized with San Diego's own Mike Tappen. Other projects include Pengineer with San DIego veteran rapper Mr. Ceezzo, and various releases under the aliases Lyphe Cycle, Hue Lorenzen and Tyler Loring. ... more

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Track Name: Capsule
(kill for the money lust)

Looking out the window of a capsule
Returning to earth with the Vision of the next world
Coming from the heart breathing in life from the very start outta time never stopped art
From spilling outta hearts - creators in the dark
Make a new start life moves at the speed of tree bark
Growing on the trunk of a redwood in the forest good luck
Good luck to the people of the future inheriting a pocket full of fuck
waste tucked underground radioactive funk
Leaking out the ground contaminants damaging
Mentality bananas on the planetary canvas
San Diego to Los Angeles San Onofre supporter no way
Not in this dimension & not on this plane and any space time frame
Take it in and have the patience to watch it all rearrange

(kill for the money lust)

Is you is Us reflections of a collective brain
Operation speak
break right through to the deep sleep sheep
Break in to a new perspective of what is propelling you to breathe
One day everybody gonna wake up
Some day everybody's gonna make love
Right now gotta make it all touch
3rd rock just a pebble in the galaxy's clutch
That's right- the galaxy clutch
Galaxy's get crushed by a force so tuff
You could call bluffs or attempt to bust
Any gauge any rage gets reduced to sage stick smudge
you hold a grudge all the time any emcee busts
Ravaging the elephants killing for the tusk
Drill baby drill baby drill crazy kill for the money lust